Wind dried nasturtium stems still reach out into the surrounding slate. They create shapes and structures, little worlds amongst their ever mobile fibres. The original tepee stick found themselves outside once more on a warm day, only to be soaked by the next day’s rain. Their bark changes colour.

I broke a fork shaft. It’s not usually me who breaks tools, but as I have to use them unconventionally at ties, I suppose it’s bound to happen at some point. Now how to have it repaired and to try to remember not to sit on for leverage it next time.

A few tiny seedlings appeared under the protected tough old rainbow chard. Their colours sing in a grey day.

High winds tore the top away from the compost and broke the sides. Moving it was essential heavy work. Unfortunately it was also painful. Despite being fully waterproofed up and wearing high gloves I was bitten on my arm by a wood ant. The throbbing eight centimetre round mound was very painful and a sight to be seen for a couple of weeks.