Intriguing shapes.

A ‘found’ process. Salvaged just before it was washed away with a hosepipe! Stones covered with sun baked local soil remained on a slate slab during months of heavy rain. When the stones were removed they left strange outlines similar to prehistoric marks found on cave surfaces. A cat added a muddy paw signature.

The intentional processing of familiar plant parts in similar ways can produce curious outcomes. Here plant fibres were compressed and dried as sheets.

Shards of light pierce the rough assemblage of lovage leaves and stems.
Soft light slips through the random fabric of rhubarb stem paper.

Air movements in the garden are sensed on the skin and when strong, also on the body. Wind and breezes are observed affecting life around and above the garden. Often there are fragrances, each season having its own special scents. Capturing them requires new skills and processes.

Winter viburnum gives out a soft vanilla scent on cold days.
Nasturtium scent is so strong that a piquant oil can be distilled from flowers.