Whilst replanting the garden, it was noticed that sticks (mostly bamboo), were being placed in different arrangements to check for length and quality for various jobs during the garden’s reconstruction. Grid lay-outs kept appearing and it was decided to leave a grid to see what became of it.

Photographs were taken periodically.

Over several weeks the sticks were seen to have been moved – by the weather, humans and other animals. As work went on in the garden some sticks were removed and others added.

There must be a specific definition of a stick, however in a garden there are at least several different kinds, depending upon how they are viewed and used. Bamboo canes, branches and twigs are the most common kind of stick to most people. If the dried remains of plant stems are employed as part of processes of practice, they too can be described as sticks!

Strength, available length, rigidity, flexibility, evenness of circumference, surface quality and humidity content all affect processes of practice.

Remains of a nasturtium plant. An abandoned miniature tree.