Cheeky cheerful nasturtiums.


Nasturtiums were not part of the original garden palette here. They arrived in pots from the previous house where one or two little plants were grown as cut-and-come-again additions to salads and as little pots of cheer placed around the house.

As the house refurbishment had caused so much disruption to the garden and because ‘saved’ plants were stacked behind mounds of rubble, it was essential to plant fast growing pollinators to be introduced and so they were encouraged.

Sometimes, the plants were too vigorous in inappropriate places.

In the unseasonably hot Spring of 2018 following a wait of four years and having been let down by several contractors, the whole garden was landscaped. This was to address the difficult inclines and unevenness of surface which were becoming a health hazard to young and old.

it was feared that the nasturtiums would be all but lost, but little miracles appeared, especially in the barren slate chipped lower area of the garden.