Inspection of the original painting led to the discovery of three rather indistinct silvery seashells at the feet of the angel.  Symbolism in art can associate seashells with peace, preciousness and pilgrimage.  As they were in the foreground, they were of some significance either to Simeon Solomon (the artist), or George Powell (who commissioned the work).

The intention behind creating a rigid silhouette arose from my desire to take Being on a tour (not as grand as the one enjoyed by George Powell, but one closer to home), around places with associations to the painting, here in Aberystwyth.

Being was introduced to other bequests, to work-spaces in the School of Art and Old College and to the environment around the university. Photographs were taken of some of the visits and encounters.
The photographs appeared to show Being as having no interest in any of the new environments. Being remained impassive, able to simply be throughout.