The proposal for this research recognises that art practice processes play an important role in the lives of creative people and seeks to identify what they require in order to be able to access, manage and sustain their practice processes throughout different phases of their lives.

In a Fine Art PhD research is practice-led. This entails the researcher using practice processes to help address questions within the proposal.

Initial phases of research were related to a family experience, where a highly creative person was unable to access their creativity which may have been a help to them through challenging times.

Enquiries began with conversations with a selection of individuals to discuss what brought them contentment and to note whether this involved aspects of creativity. The senses were certainly involved.

Personal research involved using processes of practice to provide entry into the contentment of flow.

Whilst carrying out personal practice processes provides one perspective it is necessary to be able to compare one person’s processes of practice with others. Initially, it was planned to carry out a series of conversations with artists over the period of a year. The conversations would have provided a broad range of information regarding processes of practice. Unfortunately due to health reasons it was not possible to continue with the interviews. It was decided to convert the conversation trigger questions into a condensed electronic questionnaire. This is emailed to selected participants and their contributions are returned as text, audio or video recordings. Confidentially (in accordance with GDPR 2018 Act), is maintained by anonymising the data.

The questionnaire covers many aspects of the processes of practice and it is hoped that participants will gain insight into their own practice whilst contributing to the research. Following the analysis of the research findings, the intention is to share outcomes with creative people to support them with the sustainability of their of practices through different phases of their lives. Apart from their practical purposes, practice processes can also enhance the quality of the lives of creative people and this is why it is considered to be important to be able to pursue one’s practice – whatever the day brings.