Nasturtiums, were not part of the original garden. They arrived in pots from the previous house where one or two little plants were grown as peppery additions to salads and as fragrant little pots of cheer placed around the house.

As the house refurbishment had caused so much damage to the garden and because ‘saved’ plants were stacked behind mounds of rubble, it was essential to plant fast growing, pollinators until a time when the ‘saved’ and new perennials could be planted. Further nasturtiums were planted in selected pots around the top garden.

Despite the turmoil, a little magic occurred. The robust, conch-like seed cases survived the redistribution of old and the addition of new slate chippings around the garden and early in June, a smattering of tiny green leaves began to appear in the lower garden.

It was a delight to discover new varieties of nasturtium which broadened the spectrum of rich colours through milky white, yellow, oranges and the deepest of crimsons.