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This research is practice led. Current practice is based in and around the garden. Processes which naturally arise the garden such as those involving tending to plants and the land, appreciating the ever-changing environment and addressing issues of access, management and sustainability continually provide new perspectives on a seemingly familiar place.

Triggers are mostly visual, but other senses are also stimulated. The air can have a general smell, whilst individual plants and their flowers offer unique fragrances. Edible plants carry their own flavours which may be subtle or strong. Leaves, bark, building materials, soil and stone offer different textures and respond differently to changing weather. Sounds made by moving plants, structural materials and nearby vehicles alter depending upon the weather conditions. Animals, birds and insects use the space in, around and above the garden creating their own soundtracks.

Ideas which arise, are developed through a range of art practice processes both in the garden or in an interior workspace.